• Packmate Travel Roll Storage Bags - 2x Large
  • Packmate Travel Roll Storage Bags - 2x Large

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Packmate Travel Roll Storage Bags - 2x Large

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Packing for your holiday has never been easier. Packmate’s roll storage bags give you up to 75% more space in your suitcase or rucksack to increase your holiday wardrobe. Perfect for clothing, towels and toiletries. The storage bag set is easy to use. To compress contents, roll or press the bag forcing air out, so no pump or vacuum is needed. Simply fill your bag, seal and then roll up to remove the air from the bag. The easy-to-seal compression bag helps you get more into your hand luggage or suitcase. Use the white slider to securely seal your bag, slide 4 times for the best seal. Keep your items fresh and wrinkle-free during your travels with Packmate. Packmate’s storage bags are waterproof, mould resistant and ensure bugs, moisture, odour and dust are locked out. The bags are made from durable industrial-strength nylon and can be used over and over.

Dimensions : 70cm x 50cm 

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