• 4 Tier Foam Trouser Hanger

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4 Tier Foam Trouser Hanger



Organise your wardrobe and kee[ your clothes in good condition thanks to this 4 tier hanger. Great for keeping trousers and skirts crease free. The chrome and foam for protecting the clothes give the hanger a durable and high quality feel to it. 

Having high quality hangers will ensure your clothes are kept in tip top condition. As hanger specialists, our range of standard and specialised hangers is sure to impress.

This  Foam 4 Tier Lockable Trouser Hanger is ideal for everyday use. Keep your trousers crease free and maximise space in your wardrobe. Durable, easily accessible and designed for efficiency, this hanger features four non-slip, soft grip, swing arms with locking points to protect your garments.

These must-have Hangers feature a thin profile to enable you to store more in your wardrobe and are durable, easily accessible and designed for efficiency.

Best For: Trousers, slacks, pants, skirts

Coordinate your wardrobe with other standard and specialised clothes and coat hangers

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