• Boston Extra Flat Storage Bag
  • Boston Extra Flat Storage Bag

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Boston Extra Flat Storage Bag

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In this cover, you can easily store your duvet, blanket or clothes between seasons. Its extra-flat format allows you to slide it under the bed if you run out of space in your dressing room. You can also place it at the top of a cupboard or above a cabinet. The cover simplifies storage by preventing bulky textiles from sliding off the shelves. The 2 handles allow it to be handled or transported easily when you reorganize your cupboards while the transparent PEVA plastic top helps to instantly identify what has been stored.

Made of 100% polypropylene non-woven with discreet gray and white chevrons, this cover will allow you to store the equivalent of a double duvet, clothes, sheets, or shoes.

Dimensions 107 X 46 X H. 16 cm. 

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