• Coffee Capsule Set
  • Coffee Capsule Set
  • Coffee Capsule Set
  • Coffee Capsule Set


Coffee Capsule Set

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Sustainable and money-saving at the same time - this is how it works: Place the funnel on the empty capsule, fill in espresso powder using a measuring spoon and compress with a tamper, close the capsule with a self-adhesive aroma sticker - done. After use, simply remove the foil, clean the capsule and it can be used again immediately.

  • suitable for common, original NESPRESSO® capsule machines
  • individually fillable
  • dishwasher safe (except for the aroma sticker)
  • high quality stainless steel / plastic / aluminum
  • dishwasher safe
Contents: Funnel, 2x stainless steel capsules, coffee measure with tamper, 80 aroma stickers, 2x replacement sealing rings, cleaning brush Aromatic espresso creations, environmental protection and relief for the coffee cup: the CONSCIO coffee capsule set makes it possible. More variety With CONSCIO you can always try out new types of coffee and your own blends in order to discover your very own favorite espresso. We recommend, for example, the super delicious Espresso Malabar WAKE UP with its tart, hearty notes of tobacco, wood and dark chocolate. A real treat that the Langen coffee roastery created especially for GEFU. More sustainability The mountains of rubbish are growing, more and more plastic pollutes our oceans. For everyone who wants to make a tiny contribution to environmental protection with every cup of espresso, the infinitely reusable CONSCIO stainless steel capsules are just the thing, because with each refill you avoid unnecessary plastic waste or save aluminum and thus valuable resources. On top of that, CONSCIO capsules are 50% cheaper than conventional disposable capsules - a substantial saving per cup of your favorite hot drink.

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