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Malmo Double Bamboo Clothes Hanger

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The Double Bamboo hanging Rails are ideal for any short or long term wardrobe solution. Stylish & elegant looks great in any room in the house.

  • Natural bamboo
  • Delivered flat, easy to assemble, screws and instructions included

Keep your favorite clothes close at hand with this natural bamboo rack. It is a particularly aesthetic additional storage that will complement your closet if you run out of space in your closets or if you have no closet at all. The shelf at the base allows you to display a few pairs of shoes or baskets for accessories. It's handy when you want to prepare and visualize your outfit in advance! Install it in the hallway to hang coats for family and guests. In your room or that of the children, the Malmo clothes rack will help you to organize your things while bringing a warm and natural touch to your decoration. Finally, in the bathroom or laundry room, it allows you to hang bathrobes or freshly ironed shirts.

Made of natural bamboo protected by a satin varnish, this two-tiered rack measures 60 X 34 X H. 142/162 cm. Delivery flat for easy transport, easy assembly thanks to the enclosed instructions.


Bamboo comes from a fast growing plant that does not require watering, fertilizer or pesticides to grow. It is therefore a natural choice for tidying up and organizing the house.


Clothes rack is the right solution when cupboards are overflowing and wardrobes are crumbling under the weight of clothes. Practical, it goes from room to room according to your habits or your needs. It is perfect for equipping student accommodation, small apartments that lack wardrobes and all rooms where there are not enough wardrobes. It is also the right formula when you move often. You can even complete the rack with a flexible shelf attached to the wardrobe bar and you get a very practical mini-walk-in closet



  • Carrying twin bamboo 2 hanging rails,
  • 1 shelf at the base. 
  • Material: natural bamboo .
  • Flat packed with screws and instructions , easy assembly
  • Size: 60 X 34 cm X H. 142/162

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