Elfa Freestanding Drawer System 7 Runner /740mm Height



This Freestanding Drawer System from elfa is the perfect storage solution for smaller spaces.

The Elfa Freestanding Drawer System are versatile and robust and the perfect quality solution to create extra storage in any space.

The Elfa drawer system come in many combinations including Depth , Width and height.

This particular option is the 7 Runner Height option (740mm Height) which is the perfect height to pop into the bottom of any wardrobe to give you instant gliding drawers.

You have additional options of  Depth and Width and whetehr to have the wire drawers or the height quality fne mesh drawers.

Depth Options

  • Mini Frame        - 450mm Deep
  • Standard Frame- 550mm Deep

Width Options:

  • 350mm Wide
  • 450mm Wide
  • 550mm Wide

Choose the mesh finish for a fine weave encasing that prevents small items from falling through. Elfa is an entirely modular system - if this isn't exactly the solution you're looking for, simply add additional components or accessories to customise the system to your individual requirements. Featuring an industry standard epoxy-bonded steel construction, exceptionally smooth-gliding drawers and a design that provides excellent visibility and accessibility to the contents storage, with elfa you can take control of your space and become a master of organisation with ease.

This bundle combination includes:

  • 1x 1 Runner Drawer - H85mm 
  • 3 X 2 Runner Drawers-H185mm
  • 1 X Frame Top

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