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  • Formal Dress Hangers 6 Pack
  • Formal Dress Hangers 6 Pack
  • Formal Dress Hangers 6 Pack


Formal Dress Hangers 6 Pack



Quality, and stylish wardrobe design. Kesper hangers allow you to store your favourite outfits in a space-saving manner, since the hangers are fitted with additional rock notches in addition to a non-slip trouser bar, which means you can pull multiple pieces of clothing onto one hanger at a time. 

Thanks to the rotating hooks, the Kesper wood-shaped hanger set makes you more flexible than ever, because you can quickly and securely position your hangers inside your car or on the banister. Since the environment is as important to all of us, all items are made from our range of wooden moldhangers made exclusively of material approved by FSC.


  • With non-slip trouser bar
  • With two rock notches
  • Wood, lacquered


44.5 cm x 1.2 cm

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