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Fridge Egg Basket

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You know when people say 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'? Sometimes they're wrong. Popping your eggs in KitchenCraft's Plastic Fridge Egg Holder is the sound choice. This oblong egg basket keeps up to a dozen eggs conveniently stored and safe from smashing in your fridge or cupboard!

It features 12 individual slots designed to hold your eggs in place. This stops them rolling around and cracking into one another. You don't have to 'tread on eggshells' when it comes to storing it either. Its lidded design means you can stack other containers neatly on top of it.

There's no need to worry about it collapsing like traditional cardboard egg boxes either - it's made of much sturdier stuff. This egg tray's durable plastic build also means it can withstand bumps and scrapes in a crowded cupboard or a full fridge. Better still, it's 100% food safe and totally BPA-free - a safe choice for you and your eggs!

Measures 32.5 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm (13 x 4½ x 3 inches)
Certified food safe
Dishwasher safe


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