• Garlic grater/slice
  • Garlic grater/slice

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Garlic grater/slice



Doubly talented for fine seasoning! Whether finely grated or in thin slices - both the front and back of the RAFINO process garlic cloves quickly and effectively. Also suitable for ginger.

  • brilliant sharpness of the friction surface thanks to DIAMOND LASER CUT
  • double-edged, extremely sharp blade with cutting thickness: 1 mm
  • including leftover holder
  • ergonomically shaped handle
  • hanging loop
  • L 23.0cm, W 4.5cm, H 3.6cm
  • Plastic / high-quality blade steel / high-quality stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe
The RAFINO kitchen assistant is a 2-in-1 talent, turning garlic cloves into the desired result both on the front and on the back. With the brilliant sharpness of the grating surface, a fine mush can be produced that retains its full aroma. The reverse provides uniform slices of garlic with a cutting thickness of 1 mm. The double-edged slicer ensures that the toes are not torn, but cut. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand and a leftover holder prevents injuries. Thanks to the integrated hanging loop, the compact helper can be stowed away on any kitchen railing, ready to hand.

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