• Hamburger skewers, 2 pieces
  • Hamburger skewers, 2 pieces
  • Hamburger skewers, 2 pieces

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Hamburger skewers, 2 pieces



So that nothing slips with the homemade burger, the bun, patty and delicious garnish are simply fixed with the hamburger skewers! Also perfect for serving grilled skewers appetizingly.

  • for fixing hamburgers
  • for grilled skewers with and without meat
  • L 19.0cm, W 3.3cm, H 0.2cm
  • high quality stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe

Grillers' hearts beat faster: the hamburger skewers allow the freshly grilled patties and all the delicious trimmings to be perfectly fixed so that nothing slips when you enjoy them. Skewers with and without meat also come out on the table in top shape.

Motifs: skull + flame

              bull + meat cleaver

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