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Mozzarella Cutter



Effortless and even dividing of mozzarella, boiled potatoes or hard-boiled eggs – no problem for the TOSCANA mozzarella cutter. With its cutting wires made of stainless steel, it glides effortlessly through the cuttings. The plastic base allows for a full cut through.

  • Stainless steel cutting wires
  • L 13.8cm, W 17.4cm, H 2.9cm
  • Plastic / high quality stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe
To ensure that an Insalata Caprese is not only delicious, but also a feast for the eyes, there's the TOSCANA mozzarella cutter: it cuts even slices that can then be served with tomatoes and basil. But even hard-boiled eggs or boiled potatoes quickly turn into appetizing slices with TOSCANA. This is ensured by the high-quality, rust-free stainless steel wires of the dishwasher-safe mozzarella cutter, which glide effortlessly through the food to be cut and ensure that the mozzarella cutter is completely cut through on the plastic lower part.

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