• Odorsorb Filter Kit
  • Odorsorb Filter Kit
  • Odorsorb Filter Kit
  • Odorsorb Filter Kit


Odorsorb Filter Kit



These odorsorb filters from Simplehuman contain activated charcoal to absorb odour causing agents and neutralise smells. The holding case fits up to 2 filters and attaches firmly beneath the lid of your trash can.

  • Versatile placement fits perfectly under trash can lids, as well as in cabinets, refrigerators, and pantries
  • Includes holding case includes refillable holding case to conceal and protect filter
  • Recharges in sunlight simply expose your filter to sunlight for 3 hours every 4 to 6 weeks to recharge
  • Easy to attach easy to attach with double-sided tape included
  • Fits perfectly under trash can lids or in cabinets, refrigerators and pantries
  • Holding case easily attaches with double-sided tape
  • Includes 1 charcoal filter
  • Date wheel reminds you when to replace your filter

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