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The Rocks Bundle features a shaker, ice bucket, jigger and glasses that come in two styles (low ball or wide ball). The new Rocks concept is grounded upon style with a penchant for inviting colours and unique design.


Shake your drinks in style with this shaker. The shaker has, with its both sharp and soft shapes, gotten its inspiration from a melting ice cube. The stylish and elegant shaker has an integrated filter under the lid which helps to filter the drink. 

Capacity - 40 cl 


The Jigger Rocks is an elegant and convenient tool to add to your kitchen for cocktail making. One side measures 2.5 cl and the other 5 cl.

Ice Bucket

The elegant stainless steel finish to this Rocks Ice Bucket creates a night centre piece to the table. The tongs are easily hidden in the bucket when not in use. The 1 litre volume makes it perfect for any occasion - dinner with the family or with guests. 


12.5 (Height) x Ø 13 cm

Glasses (twin pack)

Stylish and elegant drink glasses (2-pack) with a thicker bottom that gives the appearance of a slightly levitated beverage. The glass is made of mouth-blown, lead-free, environmental friendly crystal and is, due to its size, perfect for water as well as for whiskey and drinks. 

Low Ball - 22 cl - 8 (Height) x Ø 7.8 cm

Wide Ball - 34 cl - 9 (Height) x Ø 8.8 cm

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