• Square Folding Box 46L - Green
  • Square Folding Box 46L - Green
  • Square Folding Box 46L - Green

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Square Folding Box 46L - Green



Our Square folding crates are true all-round, portable storage solutions especially useful when doing shopping, going camping or just while you're on the road!

Why pay for a shopping bag when they are often to small and not strong enough? Sunware's Square folding boxes were initially designed for transporting and storing groceries.

The Square folding boxes Sunware are robust and strong. They allow for compact storage which also comes in handy while traveling! They are often used for storing DIY equipment in your garage, such as cans of paint, but also for keeping all kinds of camping accessories. Even on the sportsfield this folding crate can perfectly serve as a place to store bottles, soccer outfits, protection, training equipment etc.

The 46 litre Square folding box is a convenient mid-size crate with handles on both sides.

Dimensions : 54 x 38 x 26,5 cm

  • Saves space
  • Easily foldable; compact storage
  • Great shopping assistant
  • Food storage approved

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