• Zinc Fired Glass Cocktail Shaker
  • Zinc Fired Glass Cocktail Shaker
  • Zinc Fired Glass Cocktail Shaker

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Zinc Fired Glass Cocktail Shaker

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This 700ml Mercury Fire glass and brass finish stainless steel cocktail shaker sees all the classic ‘Cobbler’ shaker features- including a tight-fitting shaker lid with built-in strainer- given a new lease of life with the modern upgrade and a gorgeous finish. Unique and timeless, it’s exactly what you need to take your cocktail shaking from amateur, to professional. 
Keep the shaker on display with your glassware when not in use, to show off the gorgeous, ethereal swirling pattern. The glass body is hand finished with a zinc firing process creating beautiful shimmering patterns with hints of purples, pinks and greys, meaning that each piece is completely unique.
If you can bear to part with it, the cocktail shaker makes a lovely housewarming or wedding gift for someone special, especially when paired with the matching ice bucket.

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