Elfa Utility

The Elfa Door & Wall rack is designed to maximize vertical wall space but yet only takes up 435mm in width. Such a clever, neat space-saving concept that creates significant storage space.

This can be attached to either behind a door or direct to a wall. Perfect for adding additional storage in confined spaces including the Utility Room, Kitchen, Kitchen press, Wardrobe, Office, Kids space etc

Start with the Wall band which is available in two heights -956mm and full length 1916mm

Then simply add your basket which are available Wire or Mesh in 

Small:      W435 X H80 X D70mm

Medium:  W435 XH107 X D70mm

Large:       W435 XH140 X D70mm


Copy of Over Door Hook- for Door & Wall Rack

From €6.95 - €7.95


Over Door & Wall Rack Bundle

From €152.47 - €163.48

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