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Bakehouse Silicone Spoon



Stir and mix your ingredients with control and serve precise portions with the Bakehouse Silicone Spoon. Part of the Bakehouse collection, this utensil is designed with function and performance at its core. The spoon’s ergonomic wooden ash handle provides complete comfort and control when stirring and serving, and a firm grip when in use. The long-handled spoon is also useful for transferring hot food straight from a pan to a plate or a bowl with ease. Non-stick cookware? No problem.

  • Stir and serve your dishes with full control using the Bakehouse silicone spoon.
  • Provides complete control when stirring and serving thanks to the spoon's ergonomic wooden ash handle that ensures a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Your hands are kept well away from hot splashes and steam as you transfer your servings, thanks to the spoon’s long handle
  • Suitable for use with all of your non-stick cookware due to the spoon’s flexible silicone head, which is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Part of the Bakehouse & Co. range, a sleek and coordinated cookware collection for home cooks and master chefs alike.

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