• Elton - 1000Ml
  • Elton - 1000Ml
  • Elton - 1000Ml
  • Elton - 1000Ml

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Elton - 1000Ml



If you thought the perfect water bottle didn’t exist, think again. Elton has a 3 in 1 lid with a ‘push’, ‘always open’ and ‘locked’ position, which enables a smooth drinking experience in every situation. Scared your water bottle will leak? Elton won’t let you down.

Worried your bottle will be hard to clean? This one’s dishwasher-safe and easy to take apart thanks to the Snapclean® technology. You’ll never want to let go of this bottle, and you won’t have to: thanks to the easy grip on the side of the bottle, the Elton is very comfortable to hold.

Do you think the perfect water bottle doesn't exist? Think again! The Elton drinking bottle has a 3 in 1 lid with a 'press', 'open' and 'closed' position, so you always have an optimal drinking experience during exercising, on the road or at the office. Do you hate leaky water bottles? You can count on Elton.

Thanks to our Snapclean® technology, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your bottle.

Combine your thermos bottle with a 3 in 1 water lid or a screw cap and transform your bottle into an insulated water bottle.

Height : 29.1 cm

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