• Grill pan BBQ
  • Grill pan BBQ

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Grill pan BBQ

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The practical grill pan for the perfect success of small delicacies such as tender prawns, crunchy grilled vegetables or hearty cheese gratinated in the closed grill. The handle is easily unhooked for grilling and hooked back in for serving. With the help of the associated plastic scraper, the grilled food can easily slide out of the pan. When folded, it fits into any drawer.

  • perfect for shrimp, vegetables or other small grilled food
  • with pouring spout
  • Ergonomic plastic handle for perfect handling
  • Simply unhook the handle to grill and hook it back in to serve
  • stowable when folded to save space
  • including surface-protecting scraper made of heat-resistant plastic
  • suitable for every grill (use in the closed grill without handle)
  • Do not expose handle to direct heat
  • L 38.0 cm, W 8.5 cm, H 3.8 cm
  • high quality stainless steel / plastic
  • dishwasher safe

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