• Kitchen Corner Shelf
  • Kitchen Corner Shelf
  • Kitchen Corner Shelf

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Kitchen Corner Shelf




Thanks to this sleek, modern kitchen shelf is made of high-quality MDF and metal, you can look forward to more space and a chic eye-catcher in the kitchen. Its triangular construction makes it easy to find a place in every corner and thanks to the trendy concrete look, it also looks very modern. The shelves are great for storing spices, oils and herbs. This means that everything you need for cooking is close at hand and shows that you know how to make the best use of the storage space in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can fill the shelf with glasses or mugs. You can also use it in the bathroom, for example, to store creams, toothpaste and hairstyling products and to hang up scissors and tweezers. 

Length (cm):  38.00
Width (cm):  53.00
Height (cm):  38.00
Care instructions:  Hand cleaning

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