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Laundry Hamper




You save a lot of time if you have a fixed place where you can collect your laundry directly and then put it into the washing machine in just a few movements. With this laundry hamper made of 100% polyester, this is now easily possible! And you no longer have to look around the whole apartment for clothes that need to be washed. You can easily put your laundry in the compartment provided and quickly move the collector level towards the washing machine. The compartments are emptied in a few simple steps, with the two compartments holding a total of around one machine load. This saves you a lot of time that you can use for the finer things in life.

Material: polyester, bamboo (FSC®)
Color: grey, natural
Length (cm): 33.00
Width (cm): 33.00
Height (cm): 50.00

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