• OXO Grill Pan Brush
  • OXO Grill Pan Brush
  • OXO Grill Pan Brush


OXO Grill Pan Brush



Ridged grill pans deliver top culinary results but pose peak cleaning challenges too.  Thoroughly scour all those stubborn ridges and corners with the OXO Good Grips Grill Pan Brush.  The Brush features rows of short, stiff, heavy-duty bristles configured to reach into various ridge patterns.  A row of angled bristles in front provides even more targeted cleaning for stubborn food build-up.    

  • Ideal for cleaning ridged grill pans and griddles 
  • Effectively cleans cast iron pans without soap or detergent 
  • Short, stiff bristles remove cooked on foods without damaging surfaces 
  • Not for use on outdoor grills
  • Angled bristles for deeper cleaning
  • Scraper tip penetrates to clean ridges
  • Soft, comfortable handle is non-slip, even when wet

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