• Pizza Plates - Set Of 2 - With Cutter
  • Pizza Plates - Set Of 2 - With Cutter
  • Pizza Plates - Set Of 2 - With Cutter

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Pizza Plates - Set Of 2 - With Cutter




If you don't want to enjoy your pizza in your favorite pizzeria but on the sofa at home, you often don't have the right equipment. The KESPER® pizza plate made of 100% FSC-certified bamboo with a pizza cutter made of FSC-certified bamboo and stainless steel transforms you into a professional pizza lover who always has the right equipment to hand for unlimited pizza enjoyment. The practical grooves on the top make it easier for you to cut your favorite pizza, so that you can have it ready to serve for you or your guests in no time. The attractive arrangement of the fibers in the bamboo ensures a cosy, natural atmosphere and thus makes a positive contribution to your well-deserved, relaxing break.
Set consists of: 2x pizza plates ø 32 cm and 1x pizza cutter
Plate with practical indentations for an even cut
High cut resistance and oil impregnated
Made from FSC-certified bamboo

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