• Set of Four Lever-Arm Action Bottle Stoppers
  • Set of Four Lever-Arm Action Bottle Stoppers


Set of Four Lever-Arm Action Bottle Stoppers



Sometimes a whole bottle is just too much, whether it’s a fizzy drink, wine, beer or juice. If you’ve had a party and there are lots of half-finished bottles leftover, or if you tend to take a few days to finish of a bottle of wine or lemonade, don’t risk your drinks going flat, stale and undrinkable. Keep them fresh by popping one of these great-value bottle stops in the top! Can’t find your plastic bottle caps? Can’t finish your beer? Broken the cork as it came out of your bottle of wine? Nothing needs to go to waste thanks to this handy gadget! The stoppers are wrapped with rubber seals to fit inside bottles of all sizes, making them a great gadget to have on hand no matter what the occasion. Once the stopper is in place, the lever-arm action can be set in motion to create a clever seal on the bottle: simply push it down towards the bottle to form the seal and pull it up again to open the bottle and carry on drinking. Ready for your next drink? You can even use the handy crown top bottle opener that’s been cleverly stashed away in the lever to pop the top off glass bottles.

Handwash only 


Size: 10cm

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