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Chef'n Juicester - 2 in 1 Citrus Juicer



Enjoy quick, mess-free juicing anytime with the Juicester Jr. Meet Juicester Jr., the smallest, most convenient and compact juicer from Chef'n yet. Two reamers and a clearly marked measurement cup make this mini juicer perfect for adding a dash (or glug) of citrus freshness to any recipe or drink. Whether it’s lime for margaritas or lemon for meringue pies, the deep-ridged reamers extract maximum juice with minimum effort. The high lip of the collection cup minimises splashes and mess, while the teeth strain pulp and seeds for a smoother juice. Includes a 12-month guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Mini juicer perfect for cooking
  • Cup collects and measures juice
  • Teeth strain pulp and seeds
  • Reamers snap onto cup for storage

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