• Corkscrew Classic - Black


Corkscrew Classic - Black



Opening a bottle of wine is a one-hand job with this Brabantia Corkscrew Classic. It fits all regular bottles, has good grip and an extra large turning handle. Just a few turns to the right and the job is done. A turn for the better.
Benefits & Features
  • Handy - easy de-corking mechanism to remove cork from bottle and corkscrew.
  • Effortless operation - extra large turning handle.
  • Fits all regular bottles - extra wide body (up to 4,57 cm Ø).
  • Always in the middle - centering ring positions spiral in the centre.
  • Insight - opening in corkscrew body, spiral in view.
  • Finger friendly - spiral tip covered by corkscrew body.
  • Opens all standard capsules - built-in capsule cutter.
  • Problem-free use - 5 year guarantee and service.
  • More sustainable choice - 99% recyclable after use.

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