• Double Hachoir Set
  • Double Hachoir Set
  • Double Hachoir Set

Kitchen Craft

Double Hachoir Set



Double bladed hachoir with twin handles for chopping herbs and spices efficiently and safely. Includes a contoured natural wood cutting board.

Love cooking from scratch? Make your curries spicier, and your savoury dishes more aromatic with the help of this simple two-handled cutter and chopping board. This traditional mezzaluna knife and chopping board set allows you to finely chop your herbs, spices and seasonings. You release more aromatic elements, adding a sensational flavour hit to your favourite meals. Boost a meaty spaghetti bolognese with finely sliced onions and garlic. Mince herbs for tasty Provencal fish dishes. And chop tasty ginger and chilli slivers to create world-beating curries. It’s so easy to use. Place the ingredients into the concave board. Then rock the razor-sharp, crescent-shaped knife until you get the consistency you need. This essential board is 100% food safe, simple to clean and easy to store. Use it whenever you’re making paellas, curries, pizzas and sauces. Kitchen essential? You’ll soon be wondering how you ever cooked without it.

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