• Hanging  Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL
  • Hanging  Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL
  • Hanging  Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL
  • Hanging  Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL
  • Hanging  Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL


Hanging Vacuum Bag with Cover-XXL



Protect and store hanging garments in a fraction of the space. Holds up to 5 items. Ideal for coats, dresses, shirts and suits. Complete with an attractive cover. 

  • Easy to use and to see the contents when it is packed
  • Double seal zip
  • Vacuum valve to let the air out
  • Multi Layer Material - Tough, durable and reusable
  • Outer Cover with a zip for side access


Suit - 120 x 70 cm-Ideal for suits, shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers and coats

Dress - 185 x 70 cm- Ideal or long dresses, prom gowns, wedding dresses, full length jackets

Contents of this pack

1 x Extra Long Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag (180cm x 70cm / approx. 70" x 27")

Why a “Hanging” Vacuum Bag?

Packmate Hanging vacuum storage bags are a perfect way of storing your clothes in your wardrobe but saving a fraction of the room whilst doing so.

As the name suggests, the vacuum bag can be placed inside the attractive outer cover for extra protection before being hung in your wardrobe.

Packmate space saving bags also protect the contents from dirt, dust, damp and bugs

What size of bag do I need?

The Extra Long Hanging Vacuum Bag holds up to 5 items. Ideal for storing dresses and longer garments.

How much space do I save?

On average you can create up to 4 times more space using a Packmate Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag - this will depend on what you are storing.

Do I need a special vacuum cleaner?

Packmate space saving bags are designed to work with most vacuums with a hose

They will also work with most cordless vacuums although you may find that they compress more slowly

What are Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags made from?

Packmate vacuum storage bags are made from a multi-layer laminated blend which include Nylon to help prevent rips, punctures and tears

They provide years of use and when you have finished with them they can be recycled.

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