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  • Kazan Black Rail - Black
  • Kazan Black Rail - Black
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Kazan Black Rail - Black




If you have no place to hang more clothes , you are looking for a temporary solution to store them, or you just like a simple solution, it is possible to solve it with a simple accessory - the Compactor clothes rack . 

You simply make the stand yourself, and you will have its assembly ready in a few minutes . The stand is light and at the same time strong enough . It is easy to move around the room, thanks to the light construction you can easily change its location. Your clothes will always be at hand .


A clothes rack as part of a modern household

Thanks to this stand , you will make excellent use of space wherever it is not practical or possible to buy a classic large wardrobe for clothes. This sturdy metal stand easily fits into any large room. It takes up much less space than a wardrobe and is easy to move around thanks to its strong yet lightweight construction. This stand offers a simple and effective solution to the problem of lack of space. It will help you free up space elsewhere in the house and organize your coats, jackets, cloaks, bags and any other accessories for which it would otherwise be difficult to find a place. The elegance and simple yet clever design of this stand has won the hearts of all who have tried it. It is produced in two colors - black and white, which are modern and popular colors that fit into most homes. The stand in these colors looks simple and light.

You can assemble the stand yourself

The stand is delivered disassembled, its assembly is simple and takes only a few minutes. The stand can of course be disassembled at any time and transported to a new location, or just stored somewhere if it is not needed for some reason. The unfolded stand takes up only a minimum of space.

Popular French brand Compactor

If you want to save time, simplify your life, and also please your eyes, tidy up your interior step by step and discover the pleasure of a house where everything will have its perfect place. All the products of the French family company Compactor, which was founded in 1983, are intended for your happy life and enjoying the little things.


  • Height: 160 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Depth: 48 cm

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