• PerfectFit Bags - Code O -30L - 20 Bags
  • PerfectFit Bags - Code O -30L - 20 Bags
  • PerfectFit Bags - Code O -30L - 20 Bags
  • PerfectFit Bags - Code O -30L - 20 Bags


PerfectFit Bags - Code O -30L - 20 Bags




erfectFit Bags, Code O, 30L, 20 Bags
Article Description Long PerfectFit Bin Bags, Code O, 30 Litres, 20 Bags on roll
Product Information Brabantia PerfectFit bin bags perfectly fit your Brabantia waste bin, and your busy life alike. That's why they are extra strong and have that handy tie-tape! Just pull it to remove the bag from the bin and seal it. Not certain of which size you need? Simply check the colour code on the inside of your waste bin's lid. Great bin bags, perfectly fitting your Brabantia bin.

Perfect fit - tailor-made for Brabantia bins.

Tear-resistant - made of extra strong plastic.

No ugly overwrap - bin bag is invisible when the lid is closed.

Easy closing and transport - handy tie-tape.

Hassle-free changing - special ventilation holes to prevent vacuum.

Always the right size - matching colour code to your Brabantia bin.

FAQ consumerWhat's the thickness of the plastic for the bin bags? Between 0.015 and 0.025 mm thickness.

Just what you need - 20 bin bags that perfectly fit your 30 litre Brabantia bin (code O)

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PerfectFit Bin BagsWebshop Product SubnameFor FlatBack+ and Bo Waste Bin 2x30L, Code O (30 litre), Roll with 20 Bags

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