• PerfectFit Bags S- Compostable 6 L
  • PerfectFit Bags S- Compostable 6 L
  • PerfectFit Bags S- Compostable 6 L


PerfectFit Bags S- Compostable 6 L



Green and clean!

Separating organic waste? Make doing good even better: keep your bin clean and dry with the 100% compostable Brabantia PerfectFit bin bags.

A roll of 10 bin bags made from organic material, for organic waste. So compostable that they can go on your own compost heap. ot certain of which size you need? Simply check the colour code on the inside of your waste bin's lid. Better for the planet and a perfect fit for your bin!

Perfect fit - tailor-made for Brabantia bins.

Good for the planet - made of starch based material, 100% compostable.

Suitable for home composting - completely gone in 10 weeks.

No ugly overwrap - bin bag is invisible when the lid is closed.

Compostable - lasts 10 days in your bin, dissolves when you put in hot or humid waste.

Clean - keeps your bin dry and fresh.

Always the right size - matching colour code to your Brabantia bin.

Just what you need - 10 bin bags that perfectly fit your 6 litre Brabantia bin (code S).

Compostable PerfectFit Bags

For Sort & Go, Code S (6 litre), Roll with 10 Bags

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