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Pizza Cutting & Serving Paddle




It's no longer a secret that pizza is one of many families favourite dishes. If you don't want to enjoy your pizza in your favourite pizzeria but on the sofa at home, you often don't have the right equipment. This serving plate made from 100% FSC-certified transforms you into a professional pizza connoisseur who always has the right surface to hand for unlimited pizza enjoyment. The attractive arrangement of the fibers in the bamboo ensures a cosy, natural atmosphere and thus makes a positive contribution to your well-deserved, relaxing break. But if you don't feel like eating Italian flatbread, the KESPER® serving plate is also a great way to present the cold cuts for your snack. Offer your family the full range of ham, cheese and small antipasti; everything looks delicious on this serving plate. Then clean it briefly with warm water or washing-up liquid and decide again: pizza, cold cuts or meat? 

Pizza cutting /
serving board | bamboo
58464 | 45 x 30 x 1.2 cm

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