• *Therm au Rouge Wine Warmer *TOP GIFT 2023
  • *Therm au Rouge Wine Warmer *TOP GIFT 2023
  • *Therm au Rouge Wine Warmer *TOP GIFT 2023


*Therm au Rouge Wine Warmer *TOP GIFT 2023




Why wait hours when you can have a best Cellar in minutes! This patented invention is the only product of its kind to correctly bring cold red wine to the perfect temperature to ensure maximum bouquet and flavour, ideal for red wines.

****Voted by Staff The Best Christmas Gift 2022****

Fits all 750cl bottles, after uncorking your wine simply slide your Therm Au Rouge over the neck of your bottle and once in place click/bend the silver clicker and let the warming gel create its magic which will only take a matter of seconds to begin and will bring your favourite red wine to the perfect drinking temperature in 5-10 minutes pending light, medium or full bodied. For a guide for red wine temperatures please down load our free wine tips booklet on our home page:

  • Fits all 750cl bottles.
  • Perfect for all light, medium and full bodied reds.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • All materials and gel are non toxic and certified.
  • Solves last minute disasters by placing cold reds by the fireplace or even using the microwave.
  • An excellent red wine lovers gift.

Original Therm Au Rouge Red Wine Warming Sleeve

Everybody knows that to bring out the full bouquet and flavour of red wine it needs to be consumed at the ideal drinking temperature, the Therm au Rouge with its magic formula is the perfect solution. Therm au Rouge and its unique energising gel gently warms up your favourite red in a controlled and sophisticated way which can be repeated time and time again by simply re-generating in boiling water.The Therm au Rouge is simple and easy to use and is the ideal solution for ensuring perfect wine every time, compact for easy storage.

• Height: 135mm
• Width: 160mm
• Diameter: 100mm
• Weight: 558g

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