• Tough Love Stain Removal
  • Tough Love Stain Removal

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Tough Love Stain Removal



Our Tough Love stain removal is insanely effective at removing all sorts of stains, whether it is from wine, grass, or coffee. Our powdered eco-friendly formula has a neutral scent, is kinder to the environment than chlorine-based stain treatments, and doesn’t fade colour-fast fabrics. Packaged in a plastic free, infinitely recyclable bottle.

If you spot a stain on your clothing then it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible. Some substances will come out more easily when wet, but not when dry. Use the hottest water that the care label will allow when removing stains. Pre-soak: Apply our stain removal directly to the stain, massage in gently with your fingers or a soft sponge, and then leave to soak in warm or hot water (if you can), for one hour. If the stain has faded but not totally disappeared, then repeat. When it’s totally disappeared, wash by hand or by machine as normal.

DO NOT USE the stain removal on leather, suede, silk or wool. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces – for example wood, metals etc.

Machine WashFor light soiling use 3-6 g of stain removal, Medium soiling use 6-10 g; heavy soiling use 10-15 g per kg of dry laundry.


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