• Cedar Set of 2 Vanilla Scent Sache
  • Cedar Set of 2 Vanilla Scent Sache
  • Cedar Set of 2 Vanilla Scent Sache
  • Cedar Set of 2 Vanilla Scent Sache

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Cedar Set of 2 Vanilla Scent Sache

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  • Natural coriander seeds
  • Vanilla flavored
  • French made
  • 100% Natural

Rediscover the pleasure of old-fashioned scented wardrobes. These 2 scent sachets are filled with coriander seeds flavored with vanilla extract. Slip them in the cupboard between the piles of linen or in the drawers to enjoy their sweet smell tinged with exoticism. Each bag is in beige fabric, dimensions 7 X H. 12.5 cm. 

If, over time, the scent fades, all you need to do to revive it is to rub the sachets or add a few drops of vanilla essential oil. 

Tidying up your house means having a sense of organization, of course, but it is also taking care of all those little details that make the difference on a daily basis. The cupboards that one avoids overloading to give a greater impression of space, the well-aligned piles of clothes that soothe the eye, on the shelves the harmony of colors for the pleasure of the eyes and, in each room, the right ones. odors that evoke cleanliness and flatter the sense of smell. By giving your wardrobes delicate scents, you will help create the smell of the house, this refuge smell from which each member of the family will come to draw their memories.

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