• London Pottery Oval® Teapot Satin White -750ML/3 Cup

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London Pottery Oval® Teapot Satin White -750ML/3 Cup




With its distinctive oval shape, colourful finish and innovative patented loose leaf filter, this London Pottery Company Loose Leaf Teapot is the perfect choice for any modern tea drinkers who pride themselves on style.

Designed by pioneering ceramic designer, David Birch, this three cup infuser teapot allows you to enjoy a smooth, flavourful brew - every time. His patented, high-grade stainless steel filter lets all the flavours from your favourite loose leaves infuse as they steep, but without allowing them end up in your mug. it's ideal for regular brews too. This modern teapot features a durable stoneware design, which makes it more than strong enough - for the kitchen or the dinner table. Finished in a cool shade of pebble grey, it's sure to sit harmoniously in your home.

750ml/3 Cup

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